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Kazuki Yamada’s Debut with Berlin Philharmonic in June 2025 has been announced !


Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra announced 2024/25 season programs and that Kazuki Yamada will appear at subscription concerts in June 2025.
Kazuki Yamada, who is hailing the world, will finally appear with the Berlin Philharmonic !


Before the debut with one of the best orchestras in the world, Kazuki Yamada spoke on his own thoughts as below;

It is a great pleasure and honor to be able to debut in a concert with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra next season. The Berlin Philharmonic is one of the greatest orchestras in the world, and to stand on the podium of their stage will bring a very special sparkle to my conducting career.

At the moment when I received the offer, I let out an involuntary shout of surprise and joy, but five seconds later I was overwhelmed with a feeling of pressure and wondered if I would really be able to fulfill such a role. However, as time went by I gradually came to feel comfortable and positive about this prospect. I was able to feel this way because I was supported by people around me, and I was reminded again that I am fortunate to receive the encouragement of many people.

It is certain that I could not have received this opportunity if I had not worked with the Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, in addition to my activities in Japan. I now have a renewed feeling of gratitude for all the people I have worked with.

Before and after the Berlin Philharmonic debut, I will also debut with a number of major orchestras in the United States. I am humbled by this as well, and I will devote my best efforts to carrying out these wonderful opportunities.

Among musicians, the conductor is the only musician who does not produce sound. The nature of this position is that its role cannot be performed without the cooperation and help of other people. With a constant feeling of gratitude to those who support me, I will continue to make my utmost efforts to build on my experience on major stages.

I will be grateful for your continued support.

This May, he will debut with Chicago Symphony Orchestra conducting Franck; Symphony, Toru Takemitsu; How Slow the Wind, and others.
Then from late May to June, he will tour in Japan with Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, of which he is the Artistic and Musical Director, performing Saint-Saëns: Symphony No. 3 and Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique.
Please follow his activities.

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