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Krystian Zimerman Wins UK Gramophone’s Piano Award 2023 in Recording Categories!


Krystian Zimerman won UK Gramophone’s Piano Award 2023 in the recording categories for his Szymanowki Piano Works, which was announced in London on October 4. Gramophone Awards are annual awards given for the recordings of the previous one year and are one of the most prestigious awards in the classical music world. The winners are selected by the critics of the classical music magazine “Gramophone” mainly and various members of broadcasting companies and music world.


“SZYMANOWSKI Piano Works (Krystian Zimerman)” was recorded in 2022 at Fukuyama Hall of Art & Culture Reed & Rose, of which acoustic design was designed by Mr. Yasuhisa Toyota whom Zimerman places his confidence in. Zimerman challenged to the recording after his long years of study of Szymanowki, whom he respects and loves, as a composer from Poland, his homeland. The Japan tour’s program has been announced recently, and Szymanowki’s Variations on a Polish Folk Theme Op. 10 will be performed as the closing piece of the recitals.

UK Gramophone’s Piano Award 2023 in the recording categories

SZYMANOWSKI Piano Works (Krystian Zimerman)

Krystian Zimerman Entire Program is confirmed!

[Performances in Japan]
November 4 (Sat.) Kashiwazaki City Performing Arts Center, Art-forêt
November 22 (Wed.) Kawasho Hall (Kagoshima Citizens’ Cultural Hall)
November 25 (Sat.) Fukuyama Hall of Art & Culture -Reed & Rose
November 30 (Thu.) Aichi Prefectural Art Theater Concert Hall
December 2 (Sat.) Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall
December 4 (Mon.) Suntory Hall
December 6 (Wed.) Art Tower Mito
December 9 (Sat.) Hyogo Performing Arts Center, Grand Hall, “KOBELCO”
December 13 (Wed.) Suntory Hall
December 16 (Sat.) Tokorozawa Civic Cultural Center MUSE Ark Hall