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The Philharmonic Octet Berlin’s first Japan tour in six years!


The Philharmonic Octet Berlin’s first Japan tour in six years!
The first-class ensemble made up of top musicians from the renowned Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra will perform five concerts in Japan, with a program including the Japan premiere of “Texture,” a composition by Toshio Hosokawa.

Founded over 80 years ago, the Philharmonic Octet Berlin has achieved great popularity worldwide. In November-December this year (2023), the ensemble will carry out its first Japan tour in six years, following the tour’s postponement during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Universally recognized as a first-class musical ensemble, the Philharmonic Octet Berlin is made up of top musicians from the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Led since 2010 by violinist Daishin Kashimoto, concertmaster of the Berlin Philarhmonic, this renowned octet is made up of star musicians including Wenzel Fuchs (clarinet), Stefan Dohr (horn) and Amihai Grosz (viola).

First on the program of their five concerts in Japan is Schubert’s “Six Moments Musicaux Op.94 D780” (arrangement by Abrahamsen). This will be the world’s first-ever performance of all movements of Hans Abrahamsen’s octet arrangement of this work.
Next is the Japan premiere of “Texture,” a commissioned work by internationally renowned composer Toshio Hosokawa, who has received many commissions from major European and American orchestras, music festivals, opera companies and more. The world premiere of this work, created through a cooperative commission by the Berlin Philharmonic Foundation and Japan Arts, took place in June 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, through a live online broadcast in Berlin, and received a great deal of attention. After a three-year delay due to entry restrictions in Japan from 2020, this work is finally being premiered in Japan. Written for this octet, “Texture” is a delicate, mysterious work that calls for a high degree of musical technique and ensemble skill.
Lastly, the octet will perform Schubert’s “Octet F Major D803,” which could be called their signature work. It’s said that the Philharmonic Octet Berlin was originally formed in order to perform this work. This famous masterpiece is an essential element of the ensemble’s concerts.


With performances that are both symphonic and personal, this ensemble is the ultimate octet.
Don’t miss their long-awaited Japan tour – the first in six years!

Eight top musicians at the summit of harmony – the Philharmonic Octet Berlin

Performing artists: Philharmonic Octet Berlin
Daishin Kashimoto (1st violin)
Romano Tommasini (2nd violin)
Amihai Grosz (viola)
Christoph Igelbrink (cello)
Esko Laine (contrabass)
Wenzel Fuchs (clarinet)
Stefan Dohr (horn)
Stefan Schweigert (bassoon)

• Franz Schubert: “Six Moments Musicaux Op.94 D780,” arranged for octet by Hans Abrahamsen
• Toshio Hosokawa: “Texture” for octet (Japan premiere)
• Franz Schubert: “Octet F Major D803”

Performance schedule in Japan
Nov. 27 (Mon.) Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall
 Tel. Japan Arts Pia 0570-00-1212

Nov. 28 (Tues) Fukushima Dream Music Hall
 Tel. 24-531-6221

Nov. 30 (Thur) Fenice Sacay
 Tel. 0570-08-0089

Dec. 1 (Fri) Mie Center for the Arts
 Tel. 059-233-1122

Dec. 2 (Sat) Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall
 Tel. Kanagawa Geijutsu Kyokai 045-453-5080

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