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[Super wanted !] Mariinsky Ballet Japan Tour 2015

We are recruiting supers for the Mariinsky Ballet 2015 Japan Tour. Splendid performances from Saint Petersburg! Why don’t you join them on the dream stage? Acting experience is preferable, but not necessary.

· 11/19(Thu)
  Around 10:00 – Off to Tsu from Tokyo Station
  Upon arrival – Rehearsal at Mie Cultural Center
  (Hotel: in Tsu city)

· 11/20(Fri)
  Afternoon – General Probe
  18:30 – Performance 1 at Mie Cultural Center
  (Hotel: in Tsu city)

· 11/21(Sat)
  DAY-OFF (Hotel:in Tsu City)

· 11/22(Sun)
  Around 9:30 – Off to Osaka from the Hotel
  16:00 – Performance 2 at Festival Hall
  After performance – Back to Tokyo

· 11/30(Mon)
  12:00 – General Probe
  18:30 – Performance 3 at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

· 12/1(Tue)
  18:30 – Performance 4 at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

· 12/2(Wed)
  13:00 – Performance 5 at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

· 5 men wanted (There are parts lifting a heavy thing)
· Age: 20-35
· Height from 5′ 8′ (170cm – )

* We are recruiting supers who can appear in the programs of
  (Romeo and Juliet) for 7 days in total including rehearsals.
  Please see the detailed schedule as attached.
* Performance fee (income): JPY 36,000 yen (tax inclusive)
* In addition to the above, we will pay JPY 3,000 yen(tax inclusive)
  on off day of November 21.

Please note
* Applicants must be available for all of the rehearsals, dress rehearsals
  (General Probe), and performances of the schedule.
* All costs of per diem, meal, transportation within Tokyo and others are included in
  the above performance fee.
* Transportation to Tsu and Osaka, and accommodation in Tsu will be provided separately.
  It will be arranged by Japan Arts, and all supers will travel together
  between Tokyo, Tsu and Osaka.
* SUPER shall arrive at the place of work no later than 15-30 minutes before each of
  the rehearsals begins and no later than 2 hours before each of the dress rehearsals
  and the performances begins. (time subject to change)
* Roles and schedule of the rehearsals and others may be changed due to circumstances of
  the ballet company.
* No fee shall be paid for Fitting and spacing separately.

We only accept foreigner who can work legally in Japan.
Please attach the scanned copy of both (front and back) pages of your resident card.

♦How to apply
Please fill out the application form and send by e-mail, Fax or post with your photo
(full-length) to the following address.
* In case of many applicants, we will chose participants based on the paper applications.

Program: Romeo and Juliet

Date of Birth:
Height:  cm
Chest:  cm
Weight:  kg


* Please replace ‘(a)’ with ‘@’ by yourself when you send the application.

Japan Arts Corporation
Mariinsky Ballet Japan Tour 2015 / Supers recruitment div.
2-1-6 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8905
*Applicants may be screened by documents in case of many applicants.
*Application will be closed on Thursday, 12 November 2015 including application by post.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.