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Flower-presentation project for Mr.Kissin’s 50th anniversary.

Evgeny Kissin
photo : Hiroko Chiba

At concerts presented by Japan Arts, acceptance of flower bouquets from audience members is currently suspended as a Covid-19 prevention measure.
However, an online “Flower Presentation” project was carried out the occasion of the Evgeny Kissin 50th Anniversary concert. In this project, online requests from fans were accepted in advance, and the funds received for flowers were used to prepare a floral arrangement.
At the end of the reception period, requests had been received from 63 persons, and the flower arrangement was completed.
The flowers were presented to Mr. Kissin after the concert.

Evgeny Kissin Evgeny Kissin Evgeny Kissinン Evgeny Kissin
photo : Hiroko Chiba

The names of the fans who participated in the Flower Presentation project were listed on a message card which was given to Mr. Kissin. Mr. Kissin sends his heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated.

Evgeny Kissin Evgeny Kissin
photo : Hiroko Chiba

Thank you very much for the gift of flowers to Evgeny Kissin. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your kindness and warm wishes.

Japan Arts