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Kyoko Yonemoto is widely considered to be one of the most promising young violinists of today. Laureate in some of the world's finest violin competitions, Kyoko Yonemoto was the youngest prize winner ever at the Paganini competition in 1997 in Italy where she received a special prize from the Jury, the Enrico Costa Memorial Prize. Prize winner of Long-Thibaud competition, Queen Elisabeth competition, Fritz Kreisler competition and Montreal competition. Also she won the first prize at the national competition in Japan in 2001, and the Paganini competition in Moscow 2006 in November. Born in Tokyo in 1984, she started learning the violin at the age of three and gave her first public orchestra concert in Tokyo at the age of thirteen, performing with great passion the Mendelssohn violin concerto. She studied with Akuri Suzuki at the Toho Gakuen School of Music and was then mentored by Yoshio Unno. She gave her first recital in Tokyo in 1998. Already a rising star in her home country where she performed regularly with the major orchestras and conductors, Kyoko Yonemoto appears also outside Japan. She gives recitals and plays with international orchestra all over in Europe and she very much enjoyed her collaboration with the Maestros Myung-whun Chung, Yuri Bashmet, Eliahu Inbal, Robert Benzi, Hanns-Martin Schneidt, Sergey Stadler, Kenchiro Kobayashi, Junichi Hirokami, and Pascal Verrot. In 2009, she performed Paganini concerto no.1 and Vieuxtemps concerto No.4 in Big hall of Moscow conservatory accompanied by Moscow state symphony orchestra, the next year she returned to perform Vieuxtemps concerto No.5 with Pinchas Zukerman in Kremlin. She studied with Boris Belkin and obtained the Master’s degree at the Maastricht Conservatory in Netherlands in 2012. She also takes part in at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena, Italy, where she was invited to the winter series to play all Brahms sonatas in 2012. Since 2012 September, she is a professor in Maastricht Conservatorium, Netherlands. The year 2018 is the 20th anniversary of her debut, and in March 2019 she will give a recital at Hamarikyu Asahi Hall to celebrate this milestone. She plays a 1727 Stradivarius violin, loaned by the Suntory Foundation for Arts from 2018.
Kyoko Yonemoto
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Concert Schedule

2019年7月19日(金) 12:00開演
ルネこだいらランチタイムンサート Vol.34 米元響子“ヴァイオリンの音世界”
問合せ先:小平市文化振興財団 / TEL.042-345-5111
2019年7月27日(土) 17:00開演
土曜ソワレシリーズ《女神との出逢い》第282回 米元響子・上村文乃・菊池洋子トリオ
問合せ先:フィリアホール / TEL.045-982-9999
2019年10月4日(金) 13:45開演
仙台クラシックフェスティバル 米元響子&菊池洋子
【仙台市】仙台市太白区文化センター 展示ホール
問合せ先:せんくら事務局 / TEL.022-727-1872
2019年10月5日(土) 19:00開演
仙台クラシックフェスティバル せんくら・フェスティバル・ソロイスツ
問合せ先:せんくら事務局 / TEL.022-727-1872
2019年10月6日(日) 13:15開演
仙台クラシックフェスティバル 米元響子&菊池洋子
問合せ先:せんくら事務局 / TEL.022-727-1872
2019年10月14日(月) 14:00開演
問合せ先:兵庫県立芸術文化センター / TEL.0798-68-0255
2019年10月22日(火) 19:00開演
2019年10月25日(金) 19:00開演
問合せ先:浜離宮朝日ホール / TEL.03-5727-8830
2019年10月27日(日) 01:50開演
問合せ先:宇都宮市文化会館 / TEL.028-634-6244
2019年11月2日(土) 15:00開演
北九州国際音楽祭 米元響子・上村文乃・菊池洋子・中恵菜・白井菜々子
【北九州市】北九州市立 響ホール
問合せ先:北九州国際音楽祭事務局 / TEL.093-663-6567