Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information

Japan Arts Corporation, as a company which handles personal information, treats the protection of the personal information which we have collected from our customers as one of the most important parts of our business operations. We abide by the laws and regulations concerning personal information, and promise that we will treat personal information in a correct and safe manner.

[Collection and use of personal information]

When collecting personal information, we clearly disclose the purposes for doing so. We only use the collected information in ways that are agreed to in advance by the customer. Japan Arts uses collected personal information for the following purposes:

  • Sending advertising and publicity materials, information, application forms, and tickets related to performances which Japan Arts presents or co-presents or for which Japan Arts provides sales assistance
  • Sending advertising and publicity materials related to companies which sponsor performances presented by Japan Arts
  • Sending information for various events including friendship society tours organized by Japan Arts
  • Sending membership information, in-house publications etc. regarding the Japan Arts membership club Sending information related to the planning and operation of new services

[Providing personal information to third parties]

Japan Arts will not use collected personal information for any purpose other than the purposes for use which we have disclosed in advance. We will not provide or disclose information to third parties except in cases where the agreement of the concerned person has been received, or when this is required by laws and regulations. However, within the scope of the allowable purposes for use disclosed in advance by Japan Arts, such as sending flyers and information, in some cases we will provide personal information to businesses with which we have outsourcing agreements and with which we have signed non-disclosure agreements. In those cases, Japan Arts will strictly manage and supervise the handling of personal information by the concerned outsource businesses.

[Disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information]

When Japan Arts receives a request from a customer for disclosure, correction or deletion of the personal information that we have collected from them, if we are able to verify that the person making the request is the concerned person, we will respond to this request in an appropriate way and within a reasonable time period in accordance with accepted social norms.

[Protection and management of personal information]

Japan Arts takes appropriate safety measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, theft, leaking, falsification, etc. of personal information.

[For inquiries regarding personal information]

If you have questions about personal information, please contact the Japan Arts Customer Service Center at 03-3499-9670 (weekdays, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)

[Changes in this privacy policy]

Japan Arts may revise all or part of this privacy policy. If such a revision takes place, the details will be posted on the Japan Arts website.

Last updated: April 1, 2020