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To audience members – Regarding measures for prevention of coronavirus infection and for safety and peace of mind (updated May 12, 2021)

In holding concerts, we follow the Japan Association of Classical Music Presenters’ “Guidelines for prevention of the spread of coronavirus at classical music performances” and take thorough measures so that audiences can come to the venue and enjoy the performance with peace of mind.
Please read the following information prior to coming to the concert venue.

[Infection prevention measures]
Please use alcohol hand sanitizer when entering the venue. (Alcohol hand sanitizer liquid will be placed at the entrance, in the lobby and in restrooms.)
*If you have an alcohol allergy, please inform staff at the venue. We take the comfort of audience members into consideration in requesting their cooperation at the concert.
To optimize the effectiveness of ventilation in the venue, the doors of the entrance lobby and audience seating area are opened at opening time and during intermission. Changes in temperature may occur, so please wear clothing suitable for various emperatures.
– Due to more frequent ventilation in the audience seating area during performances, air conditioning and heating may be less effective. In some cases loaning of blankets etc. is also suspended. Please wear clothing suitable for keeping sufficiently warm and cool.
Staff members wear masks or face shields and gloves when providing information and assisting audience members.
Plastic curtains, plexiglass barriers etc. are placed as needed at counters and other customer service areas.
Venue doors, doorknobs and other surfaces touched by customers are disinfected regularly.
Personnel and staff undergo temperature checks prior to reporting for duty, and do not go on duty if they have a fever or other symptoms.

[Requests to audience members]
Those with any of the following symptoms or circumstances will not be admitted.
*A temperature of 37.5 degrees centigrade or over
*Coughing, labored breathing, general malaise, sore throat, runny/stuffy nose, problems with the sense of taste or smell, eye pain or conjunctival inflammation, headache, joint or muscle pain, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting
*Those who have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus infection
*Those who, within the past two weeks, have visited a country/region for which the government restricts entry or requires an observation period after arrival in Japan, or have been in close contact with a resident to whom this applies
– Persons not wearing a mask will not be admitted. Please wear a mask in the venue at all times, including during the performance.
Please arrive in plenty of time to avoid crowding at admission time.
Please maintain sufficient distance from other customers in the foyer, lobby, hallways etc.
Thank you for your cooperation and consideration.
Upon arrival, please write down the contact information of yourself and accompanying persons for contact registration. Thank you for your cooperation.
– ‐he information of audience members which were registered when purchasing tickets may be provided to the health center, medical institutions, and concerned public agencies. 
Please tear your own ticket upon entry.
Please refrain from conversation as much as possible in the audience area, lobby, etc.
To prevent the spread of infection, please refrain from shouting “Bravo” etc.
– Please practice frequent hand washing/hand sanitizing, coughing etiquette, etc.
– Please note that coat rooms in some venues are currently closed as an infection prevention measure, so customers may not be able to check belongings, coats/jackets etc.
– To prevent crowding after the concert, customers may be asked to exit at intervals by seating area.
– When you attend a concert, please come to the concert venue directly and go home promptly after the concert. Thank you for your cooperation.
– Please use the Covid-19 contact confirmation app [Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application (COCOA)] and local governments’ individual notification apps.

COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application (COCOA)

[Autograph sessions / Gifts / Encores]
– Please refrain from bringing flowers, letters, gifts etc. for performers, as they cannot be accepted.
– Autograph sessions will not be held. Additionally, customers are asked not to wait after the concert, as stage door visits etc. will not take place.
– To avoid congestion, encore information will not be posted at the venue. Encore information will be shown on the website, Twitter, etc.
Website encore information:


[Performance information]
We carry out thorough infection prevention measures in cooperation with each concert hall and based on guidelines of relevant organizations and the measures outlined above. The latest updates will be announced in a timely manner on this website, so please check the information on the website, SNS etc. prior to coming to the venue.

We will be grateful for your understanding and cooperation for the purpose of infection prevention and control.

Japan Arts Corporation
May 12, 2021