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The Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra Vienna is an internationally acclaimed Viennese chamber orchestra that translates the glamorous era of imperial Vienna into music which was founded by manager and producer Mr. Peter Hosek in 1997.

In addition to a high level of musical quality, this orchestra sets itself apart by interpreting music with a unified sound, a delightful stage presence and impeccable appearance.

The orchestra performs regularly at the Schoenbrunn Palace ? the former Imperial Summer Palace of the Austrian Hungarian Monarchy. However, the rest of the world has the opportunity of enjoying the orchestra’s enchanting performance as well. On selected occasions, the Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra Vienna performs internationally, both in Europe and overseas.

During previous concert tours, the orchestra was enthusiastically received in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, China, Japan, South East Asia, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, USA and Brasil.


The orchestra’s repertoire focuses on the works of Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert and W.A. Mozart, furthermore it gives a particular key aspect at the ouvre by the Strauss family and other viennese composers of that era, like Suppé, Millöcker or Zeller as well as Lehar and Kalman.

The Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra attaches great importance to Viennese-style interpretation of the pieces it plays. The orchestra excels in interpreting the works of classical Viennese composers and Viennese music with a subtle and individual touch, always adding that “Viennese” note.

The orchestra works since 1997 with its Chief Conductor Maestro Guido Mancusi as well as the principal guest conductor Vinicius Kattah. Matthias Fletzberger, David Scarr, Mika Eichenholz and Rick Stengards are constant conductors of the Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra.