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Yoko Hasegawa is one of the leading cellists in Japan.

She marks the 30th anniversary from her debut in 2017.

She made her recital debut in 1987 at the Fresh Artists Series presented by Ongaku-No-Tomo-Sha, and concerto debut in 1988 with Japan Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Ken-ichiro Kobayashi.

She studied at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland and returned to Japan after graduating summa cum laude from the academy.

Yoko Hasegawa has performed with major orchestras of Japan and abroad including NHK Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sakari Oramo and Prague Symphony Orchestra conducted by Zdenek Macal.

She also appears in TV and radio programs frequently. From April 15 to June this year, she was in charge of the music for Kiyomori Travel Story, which is broadcast at the end of NHK’s year-long period drama Taira no Kiyomori.

Yoko Hasegawa has released many recordings with Victor Entertainments.

The latest CD, her own selection of best recordings Cellissimo is well-received.

She is the recipient of many awards including the Kirishima International Music Festival Award, the special prize of Rostropovitch International Cello Competition, the Shin-nittetsu (New Japan Stell) Fresh Artist Award, and the 9th Hideo Saito Memorial Fund Award.

She is associate professor of Toho Gakuen College of Music.

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Yoko Hasegawa
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