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Izumi Tateno is a top Japanese pianist who has performed over 3,500 concerts around the world and released one hundred recordings.

In 1968, he placed second at the Messiaen International Piano Competition. In 1976, the Finnish government awarded him the Order of the First Class Knight of the Lion of Finland.
Since1981 he has been beneficiary of a stipend given by the government of Finland. He is presently the president of the Sibelius Society of Japan.

In both 1982 and 1988, Tateno performed as a soloist with the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra’s tour of Japan.
In 1984, he performed with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra as a soloist on its European tour. In 1994, he was soloist with a Japan tour by the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra. He was invited to the St. Petersburg White Nights Festival in 1995. The same year he gave recitals around Japan and in Helsinki in commemoration of his thirty-fifth year as a concert pianist. In 1996, he received an award from the Japanese foreign minister for his contributions to friendly relations between Japan and other nations. In honor of the two hundredth anniversary of Schubert’s birth, he presented a seven-evening series of over 50 concerts around Japan and Finland.
From 1989 until 1993 he worked as artistic director for the Finland Music Festival, and from 1991, the artistic director of the Nordic Light Sapporo music festival. In 1998 until 2007 he worked the artistic director of the “Oulunsalo Music Festival Izumi Tateno and His Friends.”

On January 9, 2002 Tateno collapsed on stage with an apoplectic stroke. It was right after the last piece at his recital in Finland. It resulted in a paralysis of the right half of his body. After concentrating on continuous rehabilitation, Tateno returned to concert activities and performed recitals throughout Japan in May 2004, playing with only his left hand. His passion for music has moved people and he has been capturing people’s attention since then. Various magazines and TV programmes have taken up his life. Currently, he continues solo activities only with the left hand, and a number of new pieces for the left hand have been written for him by composers who were touched by his activities.
Most active composers as Michio Mamiya, P.H Nordgren, Hikaru Hayashi,Yasuo Sueyoshi, Takashi Yoshimatsu, coba,and Kensaku Tanikawa have dedicated their original works to his left hand. The music pieces he worked on as if following water vein of his life give audience unforgettable impression, being backed with his calmly burning love for music.
In 2007, he premièred “Cepheus note”, the first piano concerto for a left hand in Japan composed by Takashi Yoshimatsu, with Sächsische Staataskapelle Dresden.

Tateno has performed as a soloist under such renowned conductors as Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos, Jiri Belohlavek, Eliahu Inbal, Charles Dutoit, Kurt Masur, John Pritchard and Mariss Jansons. He has performed with almost every living Finnish and Japanese conductor, Paavo Berglund, Okko Kamu, Jukka-Pekka Saraste, Hiroyuki Iwaki and Hiroshi Wakasugi, to name a few.
His broad repertoire ranges from classical to contemporary pieces. He has received high acclaim for his performances and recordings in all genres. Honorable Director of Minamisouma Shimin Bunka Hall in Fukushima, Japan, President of the Sibelius Society of Japan, and Advisor of the Sévrac Society of Japan and an honorary citizen of Saint-Félix-Lauragais, Languedoc.

In 2006 he was awarded the Sibelius Medal by the Sibelius Society of Finland. In autumn 2008, for the outstanding contribution during his musical activities of many years, Tateno was awarded “the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette” and the honorable recognition from the Commissioner for Cultural Affairs in Japan.

In August 2011, he made great success given a standing ovation in the charity concert for the Great East Japan Earthquake in Helsinki, performing a program which entirely consisted of works (solo, chamber music piece, and concerto) written by Japanese composers. In May 2012, From 2012 through 2013, he presented “Izumi Tateno Festival- Music Festival for a left hand 2012-2013” as corpus of music for a left hand. He gave 16 concerts in Tokyo performing from solos to chamber music pieces in 16 concerts in Tokyo, and completed the large-scaled project with the final series in November 2013 touring Japan with three piano concertos dedicated to him. In June 2014, Tateno’s recital at the Chamber Music Hall of Berlin Philharmony Hall was acclaimed with standing ovation of the whole audience. His latest CD is “Samurai” (Avex Classics).

Izumi Tateno Festival 2012-2013
“Izumi Tateno Festival-Music Festival for the Left Hand” is a major concert series of piano music for left hand, born from the left hand of Izumi Tateno.

The left hand is the soul of the pianist and the essence of the music.
“Izumi Tateno Festival ? Music Festival for the Left Hand” is a major concert series of piano music for left hand, born from the left hand of Izumi Tateno.
When the piano was seen from the fresh perspective of playing with the left hand, a new chapter in the history of Japanese music began.
Masterpieces of piano music for left hand, including works written specially for Izumi Tateno, will be presented over a period of two years.
With “music for Tateno, played by Tateno,” the concerts are sure to be superb!

* Dedicated to Izumi Tateno
** Commissioned work by 'Izumi Tateno Fund for the Left Hand Library'
*** Dedicated to Izumi Tateno&Janne Tateno

“World of the Left Hand” Series Vo.1-Vol.7
Vol. 1 “On a New Journey…Again”
Friday, May 18, 2012 19:00 Daiichi seimei hall
J.S.Bach- J.Brahms: Chaconne D minor
Scriabin: Prelude and Nocturne for left hand Op.9
Michio Mamiya: Wind Wrougdht-Offertorium  *
P.H.Nordgren:Ballade on “KAIDAN Ⅱ”Op.127   *
F.Bridge: Three improvisation
Vol. 2 “Transformations of Light and Water, Earth and Flowers and Trees ? Gems by Japanese Composers”
Sunday, November 4, 2012 14:00 Tokyo Bunka Kaikan small hall
Hikaru Hayashi:Floral book,Preludes   *
Takashi Yoshimatsu: Tapiola Visions op.92 *
Yoriaki Matsudaira Transformation  *
Yasuo Sueyoshi : Songs of the Earth,Voice of the Wind *
coba:Albero di memoria * **

Vol. 3 “Prayer ? In Pursuit of Dreams”
Saturday, December 8, 2012 14:00  Tokyo Bunka kaikan small hall
Costarring :Reki Shibata(Vocal) Ayumi Hirahara (piano)
Cody Wright: Prayer (three moves duet)  * **
Mieko Shiomi Portrait (Vocal & Piano) of the asterisk * **
Ichiro Hirano : HOHOEMI NO KI~11 Faces after Enkû~ world premiere  * **
Pablo Escande : Description (three moves duet) of the sound  * **
1.Reptiles 2. Dream 3. Loneliness 4. Blue of sky

Vol. 4 “Bonds ? Kind Friends”
Sunday,March 3, 2013 14:00 Tokyo Bunka kaikan small hall
Costarring:Janne Tateno(Vn)  Eizi Tateno(Cello)  Kouichi Hamanaka(Cl)
Genzo Kitamura(Tp)  Ryu Noguchi(Fl)  Keizo Mizoiri(Cb)
Atsushi Sugawara(Perc) Others

Yori-aki Matusdaira :Incarnation world premiere(Vc&Pf)  * **
Haruna Miyake:Things I coud’t remember world premiere  * **
Yasuo Sueyoshi: 5 flagments d’Ainou-quatour pour pf(mg),fl,cb & perc. * **
Mieko Shiomi : Portrait (Vocal & Piano) of the asterisk * **
Takashi Yoshimatsu: Tender Toys Suite *  **

Vol. 5 “Connecting the World”
Saturday,May 18, 2013  14:00   Tokyo Bunka kaikan small hall
Costarring: Bryndis Gylfadottir(Cello / Iceland)
Mieko Shiomi:A Soliton in the Twilight Air(Vn&Pf) world premiere ** ***
Thordur Magnusson: Cello sonata (world premiere)  * **
Jukka Tiensuu:Egeiro (world premiere)  * **
Thordur Magnusson:Icelandic scenery  * **
Coba:Tokyo Cabaret (Vc&Pf) world premiere * **

Vol. 6 “Terrible Children”
Saturday,September 21, 2013  14:00   Tokyo Bunka kaikan small hall
Costarring:Yukihiro Notsu(Cond) Akari Yoshioka (Fl.Picc) Genzo Kitamura (Tp)
Masahiko Sugiyama(Tp) Takanori Takahashi(Hr) Shinju Koga(1st Tb)
Jun-ichi Hirota(2nd Tb) Kei-ichiro Sato(3rd B.Tb) Minako Ishibashi(T Tub)
Janne Tateno(Vn) Yousyu Kamei(Vn) Tomoki Tai(Vc)
Toshi Ichiyanagi: : SEIREI NO UMI~ Based on Lafcadio HEARN’s Dream (Vn & Pf)  ** ***
Leos Janacek: Capriccio (for a piano and eight wind instruments)
E.W.Korungold: Suite for 2 violins ,cello and left hand Piano Op.23

Vol. 7 “Piano Concerto at 77 Years Old”
November 10, 2013 14:00 Tokyo Opera City concert hall
Costarring: La Tempesta Chamber Orchestra (Finland)
Cod: Yukihiro Notsu
P.H.Nordgren : Piano concerto No.3~The Corpse-Rider Op.129  * 
Shin-ichiro Ikebe: Piano concerto~ To a West Wind (world premiere)  * **
Takashi yoshimatsu : Piano concerto~Cepheus Note  * **

“In a Small, Resonating Room” at YAMAHA CONCERT SALON Vol. 1―Vol. 4
Vol. 1 “Light and Shadow”- a Major Work from the Early Period of Music for Left Hand
19:00 on Monday, October 29, 2012
Takaashi Yoshimatus:Ainora Lyrical Ballades Op.95  *
Cody Wright: Suite for Piano “Pieces for Amelie”  * **
Yasuo Sueyosi : Plein d’enfant * **
Pablo Escande:Divertiment * **
Koichi Mitsunaga:Samurai *
Takashi Yoshimatsu: Uminari  *

Vol. 2 Works by Japanese Composers plus
14:00 on Saturday, January 12, 2013
Francisco Mignone : from Collection of 14 short pieces
Yumiko Kijima : “inochi no uta”for piano(left hand) *
Kouhei Kondo : Umi to Karst Op.98
Takashi Yoshimatsu :Gauche Dances Op.96 *
U.sisask:Eivere Stars Op.142-2 * **

Vol. 3 Works from Central and Northern Europe
19:00 on Thursday February 14, 2013
Takács Jenő: Toccata and fugue Op.56
B.X.Montsalvatge: Three short pieces
Dinu Lipatti: Sonatine
Veli Kujala: Lefthanddances *
Kohei Kondo:Umibe-no Yuki Op.122 requiem

Vol. 4 Southern Europe and the Latin World
14 :00 on Saturday June 29, 2013
Ichiro Hirano : HOHOEMI NO KI~11 Faces after Enkû~ world premiere * **

Thordur Magnusson:Icelandic scenery * **
B.X.Montsalvatge: Three short pieces

Saka no Ue no Concert ? Izumi Tateno and Friends at Musicasa Vol.1-Vol.4

Vol.1 Wednesday, September 12, 2012 18:30
Cocasting:Janne Tateno(Vn) Haruyo Kubo(Pf) Yousyu Kamei(Vn)
Tomoki Tai(Vc) Emiko Mizuki (Pf) othse
Mieko Shiomi:Kaku-Teien Ⅰ *
Pablo Escande: Sonatine ** ***
Takasi Yosimatsu:4 Little Dream Songs  *
Takashi Yoshimatsu:3 Sacred Songs  *
Alberto Evaristo Ginastera:Piano Quintet

Vol.2 Saturday March 23, 2013 18:30
Cocasting:Janne Tateno(Vn) Yuko Hirose(Pf) Yuko Yoshioka(Pf)
Norihiro Akiba(Pf)
Séverac ?Yasuo Sueyoshi: From [En vacances]  * **
TEHO:Tradition of North Europe (Violin Sonata) **  ***
U, Sisask work: Milky Way pilgrimage

Vol.3 Thursday, May 16, 2013 18:30
Costarring : Kouichi Hamanaka(Cl) Janne Tateno(Vn)  Yumiko Mizuki(P)
Tomonori Tai(Vc)
Mieko Shiomi: Kaku-Teien Ⅱ Ⅲ *
T. Magnusson: Icelandic scenery (tentative title)  * **
Kensaku Tanikawa : Sketching of jazz Ⅱ (Vn & Pf) ** ***
Pablo Escande:  Match of chess(Cl&Pf)  *  **
George Crumb:VICE OF THE WHALE(Fl&Vc&Pf)

Vol.4 Thursday, October 17, 2013 18:30
Costarring : Reki Shibata(Vocal) Janne Tateno(Vn) Yousyuu Kamei(Vn)
Tomoki Tai(Vc)
Mieko Shiomi Portrait (Vocal & Piano) of the asterisk  *  **
Ichiro Hirano :Seirei no Umi~Based on Lafcadio HEARM’sDream(Vn&Pf) ** *** 
Shinichiro Ikebe : STRATAⅧ(Vn & Vc)
A.Piazzola(arr.TEHO): Primavera portena (Vn&Pf)  **  ***
Frank Martin: Fantasy by the rhythm of the flamenco

Hikarigaoka Art Museum Concert
“Tale of the Heike” Print Exhibition, and Takashi Yoshimatsu’s “Taira no Kiyomori”

Sunday, June 17, 2012  14:00  Hikarigaoka Art museum
J.S.Bach- J.Brahms: Chaconne D minor
Christoph Dohnányi,:Andante
Palmgren: Intermezzo
Franz Liszt / Ungarns Gott
Osamu Kazitani:Pray
Edwin Schulhoff: Aria
Mompou: Prelude No.6
Arr.Takashi Yoshimatsu: 3Lullaby~Schubert,Brams,Flies(Mozart)
Costaring:Mariko Tukimoto
Takashi Yoshimatsu:From“Heike Monogatari”
Godowsky: Elegy
Urmas Sisask: Starry Sky Cycle


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