International Music Festival NIPPON 2020

In February and May 2021, we present some of the programs that had previously been scheduled for March 2020.
New Web Site「International Music Festival NIPPON 2020 2/9(Tue.)-5/10(Mon.), 2021

2/14(Fri.)-3/15(Sun.), 2020 Notice of Cancellation

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On the occasion of the International Music Festival NIPPON 2020

〜Artistic Director Akiko Suwanai’s reflections on the festival

The International Music Festival NIPPON, which I invite all of you to attend, has been based on two guiding themes: presenting the excitement and inspiration of the musical artistry that is so important to all of us, and conveying a message to people who live with a view to the future. Bearing in mind that this festival is taking place in the year 2020—a milestone year for the world and for me personally—I am holding the festival in the sincere hope that, through the energy that exists in works of art, new encounters, connections and emotions will come about among people and be transformed into a message of vitality and peace for the people of today and the future.
I look forward to seeing you at the music festival venues.

Akiko Suwanai