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Miyuji Kaneko was born in 1989 to a Japanese father and a Hungarian mother. At the age of six, he moved to Hungary on his own and entered the Bartok Elementary School of Music. In 2001, at the age of 11, Miyuji was accepted to the Special School for Exceptional Young Talents of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music. In 2006, having completed all of the school’s courses, he returned to Japan and was admitted to the Tokyo College of Music High School. He graduated at the top of his class from the Tokyo College of Music and went on to complete the graduate program at the same university. Miyuji has won numerous prizes in international competitions, including the first prize at the Bartok International Piano Competition in 2008.
He has also received awards including the 22nd Idemitsu Music Award. Miyuji has performed with such orchestras and conductors as the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Zoltan Kocsis, the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jun Maerkl, and the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jonathan Nott. He has also performed widely outside of Japan. In August 2017, he served as a juror on the special screening committee for the Bartok International Piano Competition for Children. He was also a juror in the actual competition, which was held in Budapest in November. In April 2018, he became one of the regular personalities on the NHK-FM program “Recital Nova.” In recent years he has actively undertaken outreach activities, an important aspect of his life’s work. Miyuji Kaneko is an Honorary Citizen of Kismaros, Hungary. He is a Steinway Artist.

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Miyuji Kaneko
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Concert Schedule

2018年11月25日(日) 16:00開演
伊豆市グリーンコンサート2018 東京交響楽団伊豆公演
問合せ先:アクシスかつらぎ / TEL.055-948-0225
2018年12月9日(日) 14:00開演
ピアノの歴史Ⅱ 金子三勇士が奏でるロマン派の世界
問合せ先:日立シビックセンター / TEL.0294-24-7720
2018年12月13日(木) 19:00開演
金子三勇士 ピアノ・リサイタル
問合せ先:神戸新音(大阪新音) / TEL.06-6926-4888
2018年12月15日(土) 15:00開演
東京国立博物館 クリスマスコンサート
2018年12月23日(日) 16:00開演
問合せ先:岡谷市文化会館 / TEL.0266-24-1300
2018年12月24日(月) 14:00開演
金子三勇士 ピアノ・リサイタル
問合せ先:しづかホール / TEL.0799-62-2001
2018年12月28日(金) 12:20開演
音まちコンサートVol.11 年の瀬に聴く 珠玉のピアノ名曲集 金子三勇士[ピアノ]
問合せ先:所沢市文化芸術振興課 / TEL.04-2998-9211
2019年1月14日(月) 15:00開演
「生きる 若い命を支えるコンサート」
【横浜市】横浜みなとみらいホール 大ホール
問合せ先:神奈川芸術協会 / TEL.045-453-5080
2019年2月10日(日) 14:00開演
問合せ先:チケットぴあ / TEL.0570-02-9999