Mikhail Pletnev, Pricipal Conductor

Russian National Orchestra


[All Tchaikovsky Program]

IOLANTA Op.69[Concert Style]
Iolanta:Anastasia Moskvina, Soprano
Count Vaudemont:Migran Agadzhanyan, Tenor
King René:Yasushi Hirano, Bass
Duku Robert:Takaoki Onishi, Baritone
Ibn-Hakia:Vitaly Yushmanov, Baritone

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Tuesday, June 12 × × - - -
  • Date
    Tuesday, June 12
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Tuesday, June 12 / Suntory Hall
S: ¥16,000 / A: ¥13,000 / B: ¥9,000 / C: ¥6,000

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Mikhail Pletnev, Founder and Artistic Director
Mayu Kishima, Violin)
Anastasia Moskvina, Soprano
Migran Agadzhanyan, Tenor
Yasushi Hirano, Bassbaritone
Takaoki Onishi, Baritone
Vitaly Yushmanov, Baritone
Russian National Orchestra
New National Theatre Chorus


Presented by Russian Festival / Japan Arts
Supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan / Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian / Gazprombank