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Tsukemen is made up of two violinists and one pianist, all graduates of music universities. The group is particular about the “real sound” cultivated in classical concerts, and their performances delight audiences with their rich overtones, produced without the use of PA equipment. In addition to immortal works of classical music known to all, their wide-ranging repertoire includes everything from heart-moving film music and exciting jazz numbers to rousing songs from games and animation. Tsukemen also composes original works which have been featured to wide and enthusiastic acclaim in NHK documentary dramas, as theme songs for TV commercials and programs, and more. Truly, this is music for our times. Their performances explore the possibilities of music’s infinite appeal. They’re not to be missed! Violin/TAIRIKU Born August 11, 1984. From Nagano Prefecture. Started the violin at age 4. Graduated from Toho Gakuen College Music Department Graduate School in March 2010. Piano/SUGURU Born December 8, 1985. From Hiroshima Prefecture. Started the piano at age 4. Completed his studies at Toho Gakuen College Music Department in March 2010. Violin/KENTA Born October 24, 1984. From Kumamoto Prefecture. Started the violin at age 5. Graduated from the Tokyo College of Music in March 2007. Discography 《Op.1~FRONTIER~》(KICC-1169) Released April 22, 2015 on King Record 《ACROSS》(KIZC-257/8) Released June 25, 2014 on King Record *CD+DVD 《AKATSUKI》(KICC-1087) Released June 26, 2013 on King Record 《El Dorado》(KICC-999) Released June 27, 2012 on King Record 《Kiyari》(KICC-932) Released June 8, 2011 on King Record 《Basara》(KICC-825) Released March 24, 2010 on King Record 《Prologue》(ANOC-6152) Released January 28, 2009 on King Record Live DVD 《Kiyari》(KIBM-281) Released November 9, 2011 on King Record Official Web Site:http://www.tsukemen3.jp/

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