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"Where there are people, there need be dreams"
- We will continue to present the world's most moving performances -

Chairman Masayuki Sekita
President Eikazu Ouchi

"The inspiration of experiencing true art gives people energy for living."
Based on this strong conviction, we at Japan Arts have been presenting the world’s most outstanding cultural and performing arts to audiences in Japan since our company was founded in 1976. In addition, we believe our company has made a contribution, however modest, to international friendship and peace through cultural exchange with countries around the world.

In 2016, Japan Arts celebrates its 40th anniversary. It is thanks to your support that we have come this far. We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude.

In recent years we have had more and more opportunities to work with musicians and presenters in rapidly growing countries in Asia. We will be truly happy if we can continue sharing the universal value of outstanding art as we transcend differences in countries, cultures and traditions in our cooperative endeavors.

Japanese musicians have been achieving remarkable success around the world. We plan to continue looking to the future and further strengthening our support of these musicians’ activities.

It is our belief that in an era of tremendous change and uncertainty, music and the cultural arts have an increasingly large role to fulfill. We will continue to increase our efforts so that as many people as possible can experience inspiration and riches of the heart and mind through magnificent art.

Masayuki Sekita , Chairman
Eikazu Ouchi, President

Japan Arts Corporation